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Instructor-Led Online CFP Program

The Instructor-Led Online CFP Program is an ADD-ON to the Self-Paced Program. It combines the best of both worlds. You will receive our extensive CFP Board registered, Self-Paced Program, combined with a bi-weekly online session with a live instructor who will lead you through all the complex topics you’ve been studying. Your instructor will use widely-used web conferencing technology to lead you through assigned lessons from the Self-Paced Program coursework.

Instructor-Led Session Sample


Key Features

  • All sessions are archived and available for future viewing

  • Immediate access to most recently-recorded version of ALL sessions

  • Archived sessions available for download

  • Ask questions of the instructor

  • Learn how topics are applied on the CFP Board Exam

  • Reinforce retention of key topics

  • Work through CFP Board exam practice questions

Listen to one of our past students talk about their experience in the program.

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