Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the Greene Consulting and North Carolina State University relationship?2016-04-26T11:10:28-04:00

Business partnerships are most beneficial when each party brings a particular strength to the relationship, and no other program reflects the strengths that come from the North Carolina State University and Greene Consulting. North Carolina State University is one of the premier schools in the country, so students can be sure they are receiving the best educational experience possible. Greene Consulting has worked on a daily basis for over 30 years with the leading financial services companies in the industry, providing students with insight into how to apply their knowledge to real world situations. Merging these two incredible strengths was why this partnership was created, and it’s what makes the North Carolina State University Online CFP® Certification Education Program for Financial Planning Certification the perfect choice for individuals and corporations seeking something more.

Does the program include a prep/cram/review course?2016-04-12T11:11:19-04:00

No. This program satisfies the educational requirement of CFP® Certification. As an educational provider, our goal is to focus solely on providing students with the best educational program possible.

What are the requirements to become a CFP® certificant?2017-03-02T15:03:09-04:00

There are 4 steps to becoming certified by the CFP Board to use the CFP® mark. Those steps are briefly described below. To learn more, please visit the CFP Board website at www.cfp.net

  1. Complete the Education Requirement*
  2. Pass the CFP Board Exam
  3. Meet the Experience Requirement
  4. Pass the Candidate Fitness and Standards Background Check

*North Carolina State University Online CFP® Certification Education Program for Financial Planning Certification is a CFP Board-registered education program. The education requirement for CFP® Certification also requires a Bachelor’s degree.

Why should I choose this program?2016-04-26T11:12:09-04:00

If you are looking for a program that not only teaches the CFP Board topics in a comprehensive and effective manner, but also bridges the gap between knowledge and practice, this is the prefect program for you. North Carolina State University ensures that all the topics are taught in a way that increases understanding and retention, while Greene Consulting brings the real world perspective that is lacking in all the other programs. Truly the best of both worlds.

How is online different from in-class?2016-04-20T10:15:57-04:00

This is perhaps the most important consideration to take into account when deciding whether to enroll in an in-class program versus online. If you have not taken an online class before, please know that it is very different from an in-class program. The key difference with online is that class starts when you say it does. This means that a certain amount of self-discipline is required to succeed in an online environment. There will be no one to tell you when you have to go to class or when to study.

How will I be able to ask questions/get help?2016-10-20T10:55:54-04:00

We have been providing online education for well over a decade, so we know that one of the biggest concerns you will have as a student is being able to communicate with the “man or woman behind the curtain.” You want to feel like you have a partner on the other side who is available to help. That is why we feel it’s so important that you not only have easy communication accessible, but that you have an Advisor who will be available to you through all 7 courses, instead of 7 people over the duration of the 7 courses. So in this program, you will be assigned an Advisor, a CFP® Certificant, who will be available from beginning to end. In addition, we have an “email instructor” button on every page of the coursework that will allow you to send an email directly from the page on which you have a question. Your advisor will see the question and respond most times within hours, but always within 1 business day.

Who developed the coursework?2016-04-26T11:13:12-04:00

The North Carolina State University Online CFP® Certification Education Program for Financial Planning Certification is a joint effort by North Carolina State University and Greene Consulting Associates, a leader in consulting and training for the financial services industry.

Who are the faculty?2016-04-26T11:13:43-04:00

All faculty members are qualified, credentialed professionals working in the financial services industry and are adjunct faculty of North Carolina State University.

How do I apply to sit for the CFP Board Exam?2016-04-26T11:14:16-04:00

Upon completion of all required online courses, participants will receive a certificate of completion from North Carolina State University. This program is registered with the Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards, Inc., and students who successfully complete the certification program will be eligible to apply for the CFP Board Exam.

What happens if I do not finish in the 21-month time frame?2016-04-20T10:12:53-04:00

Our goal is that every student completes the program, but we realize sometimes life intervenes and throws your plans off track. Therefore, in the event that you are not finished within 21 months, you have three extension options. You can purchase 3 additional months for $300, 9 additional months for $450, or 21 additional months for $900. However, if you have completed 6 of the 7 standard courses, we will WAIVE ALL EXTENSION FEES.

What constitutes completion of the program?2016-04-12T11:08:16-04:00

Students have 21 months to complete the program. Within that 21 months, you must pass a midterm and final exam for each of the 6 standard courses, totaling 12 exams, with a passing score of no less than 80% on each exam. Students are given up to three attempts to pass each exam. You will also be required to complete the “Developing a Financial Plan” course, which includes the actual development and successful presentation of a plan. Once you have successfully completed the program, you will become eligible to sit for the national CFP Board Exam.

Students have 21 months from date of registration to complete all coursework. This is true whether the student purchases all courses as a package or purchases them one at a time.

How long does the program take to complete?2016-04-12T11:07:55-04:00

Because of differences in educational background and work experience, the answer is different for every student. The material you see online is equivalent to approximately 270 hours of study. In addition to that, you need to spend approximately 2 hours of textbook study for every hour you spend online. That totals 810 total hours of study. Therefore, a student with no prior background and spending 15 hours per week can expect to complete the program in approximately one year. Those with prior knowledge of some of the material can expect to complete the program in a shorter time span. In comparison, most in-class programs have a fixed duration, typically lasting 21 months.

What is the Knowledge for the Real World Program and how does that differ from the Core Program?2016-10-20T10:55:54-04:00

The key difference in this CFP® Certification Program compared to any of the others nationally is its industry focus. Our exclusive Knowledge for the Real World Program includes 6 (six) additional online courses provided by Greene Consulting. Utilizing Greene’s expertise, a leader in the wealth management industry since 1978, these courses parallel the six core program courses and help clarify what questions Advisors should be asking their clients and prospects to better identify true needs and then delivers actionable techniques for how to communicate those needs to clients in a way that will motivate them to act. Having expertise for “how” these topics are applied from an overall practice management perspective are key factors to your overall success as a financial planner.

Does this program work for both a Mac and PC? What are the System Requirements?2016-10-20T10:55:54-04:00

The online course material is accessible from any web browser on both Mac and PC systems. Included in the program price are mobile resources allowing you to download lessons to study away from your computer via tablet devices. Supported tablet devices include the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and Android devices using available e-book readers. Mobile study through these supported devices allows you to bookmark, highlight, and add notes and search for definitions.

Do all Advisors have their CFP® Certification? How long have they been in the industry and what is their average length of experience?2016-10-20T10:55:54-04:00

Every student enrolling in the Program is assigned a personal Advisor. This person’s key job is to support the student and assist through the answering of questions, adding further explanation to areas where needed or work with the student on an individual basis to define and hold accountable to a learning plan. All Advisors have their CFP® Certification, have taken the CFP Board Exam, and have been in the business for an average of 10+ years. They are accessible via phone and email with all course materials having a link directly to your personal Advisor in the event questions arise on a specific page of material. Advisors respond to student inquiries usually within hours, but always within one business day, and desire to form a personal relationship with each student and provide support through the learning process.

How is the Financial Plan Development course (Course 7) delivered?2016-10-20T10:55:54-04:00

The CFP Board now requires educational programs to offer a Financial Plan Development course. This course is the seventh course in the program and requires students to develop and deliver a full financial plan based on a provided case study. Completion of this course requires the student to work through the case online and then present the final plan in a live web conference with the student’s personal Advisor.

Do you have a job placement program available or career advice for how to start working in this field?2016-04-12T11:04:31-04:00

There is no official job placement program in place. However, a key benefit of the university partnerships with industry leader, Greene Consulting, is Greene’s contacts within the Financial Services industry. The Advisor assigned to each student is very well connected and can be resourced as a liaison for recommendations and contacts for job placement.


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